Deciding to pursue a freelance business gave me visions of freedom, passion, and unlimited creativity; so imagine my dismay when all of the articles I was reading promptly pointed out that a business name and logo were premature and irrelevant for a freelancer getting started.   “Don’t waste your time on that stuff until you have a client – or even several clients”.    It left me feeling uninspired, limited and…defiant!

Thus the journey began to develop a name, a logo, a purpose, that inspired me both professionally and personally while tying closely to the benefit I hope to provide clients.

After many hours coming up with every “creative” naming approach you can imagine; I finally stumbled upon the Operation Grow idea from an inspiring piece I read about a non-profit (Operation Eat).  Here’s what Operation Grow means to me:

2018-04-09 12.55.52
Logo inspiration from our 4-year-old
  • Helping companies grow – especially companies who have not established a long term marketing strategy to support their goals
  • Watching my children grow – at 4 and 1, I’m already realizing how quickly they grow and how hard it is to reconcile missing those moments
  • Helping the community grow – giving back my time and money to help grow the communities in which we exist (more to come on that!)

Also, who doesn’t appreciate an abbreviation like OG!?

So, there you have it.  Operation Grow Marketing is born.

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