Grow Your Business

Operation Grow founder and consultant, Julie Melton, is dedicated to helping companies grow revenue and market share through in-depth planning and execution of effective programs.  Operation Grow specializes in two areas: Growth Marketing Consulting and Fractional CMO Services.

Growth Marketing

abstract-green-plant-35196.jpgThe concept of measuring your marketing ROI is nothing new, yet small businesses are often limited to subjective decision making when it comes to the marketing budget.  Growth Marketing consulting  empowers leaders to understand just how much opportunity is created through your marketing efforts, and where to focus that effort for optimal growth.   Create proven, repeatable, and predicable processes in your marketing.

Fractional CMO

pexels-photo-305821.jpegIf you’re gearing up for growth, a Fractional CMO  is a great way to get C-level marketing involvement in your company without having to incur the costs of a full-time C-level leader.  A Fractional CMO engagement provides strategic direction, branding, market research, inbound program development, and best practices in marketing execution.