When I was working on my undergrad degree at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!), a friend of mine said to me “you should write a book on how to succeed in college and still have a social life.”

I never thought of it again until I started my career as a marketer and witnessed the amount of busy, ineffective work people are doing throughout the day.   The things that get in the way of getting things done was (and still is)…shocking.

I’ve come to realize that my value to a client or organization is the ability to maximize effective time to experience improved results without simply adding work effort.

That is a key part of my personal brand and plays out in several ways professionally:

  • Coaching clients on areas where time is wasted on projects and programs that don’t produce results
  • Encouraging leaders to use data-driven decisions and avoid strategic marketing decisions based on anecdotal information
  • Align marketing resource and budget to a plan that closely reflects the company goals
  • Give people back time to spend on learning new things, connecting with family, and celebrating accomplishments

Not every company or client values this approach, and that’s okay.  Knowing your brand, and owning it, creates the right opportunities matches for you.

To identify your personal brand, ask yourself these three questions:

  • How have I achieved the biggest accomplishments of my life (education, relationships, projects)?
    • All of my greatest accomplishments relate to a scenario where I chose quality over quantity.
  • What kind of feedback do I hear from others that know me, personally and professionally?
    • Aside from my college friend jealous of my partying schedule, colleagues tell me that I challenge current assumptions and ask questions that help companies think differently about success.
  • When do I feel my absolute best?
    • This part takes the most time and reflection.  Consider your “happy place”: What does it look like?  What are the circumstances surrounding it?  On my journey, I quickly realized my happy place is being in service to others and helping them grow.

Now you’ve got the content to build your brand promise – don’t be surprised if you start to view your role differently in what you can (and can’t) contribute to your company, your family, and our world.

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